Welcome from Sean

On behalf of everyone at church, I am delighted to say "Hello and Welcome" to Emmanuel. We are a down-to-earth, easy-going bunch of people from many different walks of life. We also have a number of backgrounds when it comes to faith - some are still exploring and unsure, others have grown up with and kept a strong Christian faith and there are lots of us in between.


I like the church that has the sign above the front door which says "No Perfect People Allowed."  That pretty much describes the kind of church we would like to more and more be; a place where people feel comfortable enough to be themselves and know they will be accepted.  And where we aspire to be a community of people trying to love one another and help one another grow in grace, forgiveness, personal relationship with Jesus, and to use the gifts God has given each one of us for the benefit of all.  If you think that sounds interesting, then welcome aboard!


Sean Riordan - Minister at Emmanuel.