Over two decades of growth now sees a thriving and youthful congregation which is actively engaging with the local community. In addition to our weekly church services and other faith-based groups for all ages, our building is used to run activities, groups and events for young people, families and older people of all walks of life.

The proposal outlines specific priorities within our local community including supporting more young people and their families; providing job training and addressing the needs of the elderly in relation to income deprivation; budgeting advice; better coordination of responses to food poverty, support for previous residents of a nearby drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, and taking advantage of intergenerational opportunities locally.

In order to respond to these priorities, Emmanuel needs to replace two obsolete and leaky portacabins with a larger brick built extension to the church providing a kitchen, extra meeting space and storage. The extension will provide a permanent home for the local foodbank and provide vastly improved facilities that will directly improve local social cohesion and engagement.

With the positive response from the local community over time and with our gradual growth as a congregation, our desire to partner more with the local community has correspondingly increased.  We can see continuing challenges locally that we are in a position to help address and have a passion to do so.