Emmanuel Church Woodley is a lively, modern, informal, welcoming Christian community for all ages and all walks of life. We are a church with a genuine ‘family feel’ and we would love to welcome you to be part of the family! 

In 1991 Emmanuel was planted as a church to serve the local area, we are part of the Church of England and wider Anglican Communion. 

Our Aim

Our aim is to be a people who bring glory to God.

We do this through heartfelt worship, integrity of lifestyle, and through loving, forgiving, and faithful relationships with each other. Emmanuel is a meeting place where people can share real-life with God and each other, whether they are just beginning their spiritual journey or have been on the road of faith a long time already. 

We aspire to be a community of people who live out God’s grace in the way we care for each other and the world around us.

Our Beliefs

We believe that we live by God’s grace and for His glory. This means that every person is created by God and loved by him, no matter what they may have done. It also means that our highest purpose in life is to live lives that reflect His goodness and love. We believe that people are designed by God to live in a supportive, Christ-centred community – that is what a church is.

As a church we believe that we can have a secure and loving relationship with the living God through his Son Jesus Christ.

By faith in Jesus, and because of His death and resurrection, we receive unconditional forgiveness which gives us a fresh start and enables us to live a new life with God. When this happens God gives his Holy Spirit to his people to seal that new relationship and to enable them to live lives pleasing to him.

This is all good news! That’s why as a church we want to live that new life and share it with others.